Japan Film Festival 2019 Registration


Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong is collaborating with different organisations to present “Japan Film Festival 2019”, to showcase a wide variety of Japanese films in Hong Kong. The festival consists of 3 different parts, namely “POP IN Q”, “Autumn of MANGA” and “Narration of Okinawa: 5W”.  There are also after-screening talks and workshops of topics related to the films. All of the events included are free of charge and open to the public, registered online. For those who would like to join, please register as follows:
The films to be shown in “Narration of Okinawa: 5W” present the uniqueness of Okinawa, including its beautiful scenery, its distinctive culture, which differs from other parts of Japan, as well as the residents’ way of life, combined with attractive storylines. Ten titles will be shown in 5 different combinations chosen by the themes “Time (When)”, “Place (Where)”, “People (Who)”, “Story (Why)” and “Things (What)”, consisting of 3 films each. There will be talks on related themes or interactive game before or after all of the screenings, which we hope will help the audience to have a better understanding of the films.
When (Time) - Moments of Youth
Where (Places) - Outlying Islands
Why (Stories)- Reasons for Return
What (Things)- Okinawan Traditions
Who (People)– Foreigners in Okinawa