Farewell Message from Ambassador and Consul-General WADA

Farewell Message from Ambassador and Consul-General WADA
With great sadness, it is time for me to say goodbye; I will be completing my tour of duty and will depart from Hong Kong in mid-August. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the kind support and friendship that has been extended to me by the people of Hong Kong and Macau over the last two years and nine months.
It has been a true privilege and honour for me to serve as the Consul-General to Hong Kong and Macau, which have strong ties with Japan. The relationships between Japan and these two regions are based on a partnership and friendship that is nurtured at various levels, and contributions made by various organizations, groups and individuals are exceptionally valuable.
Hong Kong is an extremely important partner for Japan with which Japan maintains close economic ties and people-to-people exchanges. Though Hong Kong has faced some challenging times over the last few years, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the people of Hong Kong for their unwavering and passionate support towards Japan. As we are preparing for the Japan Autumn Festival again this year, we will make sure to provide opportunities in which people can experience Japanese culture in Hong Kong in various ways. I hope that people can attend the related events.
It is unfortunate that travel between Hong Kong and Macau is still suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation and I was not able to travel to Macau in 2020 and 2021. I sincerely hope that the pandemic will be brought under control as soon as possible.
My successor, Mr. OKADA Kenichi (former Consul-General in Chicago) is currently preparing for his arrival to Hong Kong. I would be most grateful if you could extend the same support to him as you have done for me.
Though I will be leaving the region, I hope to maintain the friendship that I have established between the people of Hong Kong and Macau, and I hope to carry on and do my part in further promoting the partnership between Japan and the two regions.
Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous life.
August 2021
WADA Mitsuhiro
Ambassador and Consul-General of Japan