Research Students
COVID-19 Impact on Scholarship Round in 2021
As we are all well aware, COVID-19 has made international travel and forward planning considerably difficult.
MEXT informs applicants that under some circumstances such as travel restrictions or curfews, there remains the possibility that the selection process will be cancelled or that applicants will not be able to come to Japan even after being selected as scholarship students.

This scholarship aims at providing an opportunity for students in Hong Kong and Macau Students who wish to study in graduate courses at Japanese universities as Research Students (either regular students or non-regular students).
Currently Open for Application                NO (Information of the last recruitment is shown as follows for your reference)
18 months, beginning in September/October 2021 (including six months of language training if necessary)
Outline of eligibility
Age: born on or after April 2, 1986 (under 35 years old)
Degree: Bachelor’s degree or higher (final year student may also acceptable)
Study area: the same field that the applicant has studied, or a related field
Departure date
September/October 2021
*Applicants can only enroll in universities from the Autumn term (September/October) of the 2021 recruitment.

Placement at University
Designated by MEXT, based on your admission or a letter of provisional acceptance you obtain from Japanese universities
Application deadline
28 August 2020 (Friday), must be received by 5:00pm

Selection process
1. Documents review
2. Written test (Japanese and English): 23 September 2020 (Wednesday)
    * Will be held in both Hong Kong and Macau
3. Interview: 7 October 2020 (Wednesday)
4. 1st screening notification:  Late-October 2020
5. 2nd screening notification: February to March 2021
6. Acceptance notification: June to July 2021
*As part of the preliminary selection, assessment tests in Japanese and English will be given to eligible applicants. Shortlisted candidates will be notified of the date and time of their interview and exam.

*Please note that the interviews and tests can only be conducted at the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong, there will be no exceptions made. If you cannot attend the written test on the designated date, the qualification will be terminated. For inquiries, please feel free to contact us on (852) 2522-1184 or send an e-mail to .

Application forms to download


All students must submit all documents mentioned in Point 9 (1)-(11) and a copy of passport.
As Point 9 (2)Placement Preference Application Form, please provide the name of the Japanese university where you intend to do your research, but it is not necessary to have made formal contact with Japanese university before passing the written test and interview. You may use the search engine* to find a university which offers the program of study you wish to pursue:

It is not necessary to fill in Point 9 (7)Medical certificate before passing the written test and interview, as this is the first stage of the application procedure. 
*The information as the following:  
- researchmap  (Japanese only)
- Japan Student Services Organization
- Japanese College and University Portraits
- Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Japanese only)