Art Macao: Japan Pavilion


From 19 June to 22 September 2019, the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong is hosting the Art Macao "Japan Pavilion " at the Tap Seac Gallery in Macau.

In this Pavilion, we will be introducing a diverse range of Japanese art and culture with the support of Toppan Printing Co. Ltd., our co-organizer, and other partners including Japanese prefectural governments, various organizations and individual artists.

  Regular Exhibition
Featured Exhibitions
How to get there

Date, Time and Venue

Date: From 19 June to 22 September 2019
Time: 10:00-21:00
Venue: Tap Seac Gallery, Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida, 95, Macau

Regular Exhibition

The following will be displayed in the regular exhibiton during the whole exhibition period.

Japanese Culture and Performing Arts Poster Exhibit Graphic Trial Poster Exhibit Macau Edition

Toppan Printing has produced posters portraying expressions of graphic design and print expressions designed by prominent Japanese contemporary artists. Under the theme “Japanese culture and performing arts”, we are presenting posters, as well as selected art and craft items by Japanese modern and contemporary artists.
Naoko TOSA Digital Exhibition – Space Flower
Naoko TOSA’s Space Flower series of works pays homage to Rimpa, one of the major historical schools of Japanese painting that was founded in Kyoto in the 17th century.

This exhibition is presented by Toppan Printing. The works can be enjoyed on 4 large 4K monitors.
* The monitors are sponsored by Mr. Dominic Sio.

Calligraphy of Mieko IMAI 
Miyazaki born, renowned calligrapher Mieko IMAI presents neo-traditional style of Japanese calligraphy through various media, spreading the art of calligraphy in Japan and to the world.  

This time, she makes her display debut in Macau, where the audience can appreciate her works closely.

The followings will be displayed in designated periods as noted.

Works of Mariko HAYASHI
19/6 (TUE) - 24/7 (WED)
Mariko HAYASHI has an amazing sense of color and rhythm which can be seen in all of her works. Mariko gets her inspiration from the natural surroundings of where she lives. 

Fukui Yougasa
6/7 (SAT) - 24/7 (WED)
Fukui Yougasa’s umbrella is a unique Japanese culture developed through the skillful adoption and integration of Western civilization elements.

Exhibition of Japanese Traditional Handicrafts
26/7 (FRI) - 8/8 (THU)
A display of Japanese traditional craftworks focusing on ceramics and lacquerware from Fukuoka, Tochigi, Ibaraki, etc.,revealing the sophisticated skills of the craftsmen which have developed over centuries.

Photo Exhibition
26/7 (FRI) - 8/8 (THU)
Pure and natural beauty of everyday life through the lens of the Japanese photographer Shino CHIKURA. 

Cardboard Sculpture: Neo Ammonite by Taki TAMADA
26/7 (FRI) - 29/8 (THU)
Regeneration of new life with recycled corrugated cardboard which Taki TAMADA, a Japanese creator, recognizes as a symbol of high-consuming society.

Pure Actress 
10/8 (SAT) - 29/8 (THU)
Photo exhibition by the famous photographer Masaaki Tomitori featuring 39 leading Japanese actresses
This exhibition records the 'real faces' of Japanese actresses, in contrast to the characters they usually play in their professional lives.

Three slices of Life – Joint Art Exhibition: Japan, Macao & Hong Kong 
31/8 (SAT) - 22/9 (SUN)
Art always tells a story. The exhibition presents artworks by artists from Japan, Macau and Hong Kong to share three different slices of life from their point of view. 

Works of Seizo WATASE 
31/8 (SAT) - 22/9 (SUN)
Widely acclaimed comic artist and illustrator Seizo Watase is all the rage with his famous comic series “Heart Cocktail”, which describes the romantic relationship between the characters. His illustration works, depicting the colourful scenery of the seasons and the relationship between male and female, are widely used on travel magazine covers, album covers and commercial posters. He is currently active in various aspects, and this is his first exhibition in Macao.



Apart from the exhibitions, there will also be different performances and workshops for the public.
Details will be announced later. 
Kagoshima Shochu Tasting Event  20 June (Thu)
“Music Under the Umbrella” Fukui Yougasa Handcrafted Umbrella Lecture &
BIWA (Japanese Lute) Performance
6 July (Sat)
Ikebana Demonstration 28 July (Sun)
"Into the World of Uji Tea" with tasting session  17 August (Sat)
For the latest news regarding the events, please check out our facebook page!


How to get there

Plaza of Tap Siac (Health Centre) - To Portas do Cerco
TRANSMAC 2,2(Centre), 5,7,7(Centre), 9, 9A, 28C 
TCM 12,22,25(Islands line)
Plaza of Tap Siac (Cultural Affairs Bureau Building)
Plaza of Tap Siac (Hotel Estoril) - To Hotel Lisboa
TRANSMAC 4,7,7(Centre),8A, 9, 9A 
TCM 12,18,19,22,25(Islands line)
Plaza of Tap Siac (Tap Seac Gallery) - To Hotel Lisboa Way
TRANSMAC 7,7(Centre)

Organiser: Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong
Co-organiser: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
Special Thanks to: Mr. Dominic Sio, KOBE WINERY
Participants (in no particular order):
Mieko IMAI, ARTS & CRAFTS STUDIO, Mariko HAYASHI, Fukui Yougasa,
WAKA ARTISANS, Shino CHIKURA, Taki TAMADA sponsored by Tri Wall,
Tanpopo, T.W.G.Hs. idArt, Fuhong Society of Macau, Ikebana International Hong Kong Chapter,
Fukuoka Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture, Saga Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture, Yamagata Prefecture,
Japan External Trade Organisation Hong Kong, Japan National Tourism Organization Hong Kong