Important Notice on New Restrictions Related to Novel Coronavirus (March 19, 2020)





1    Since the Government of Japan designated Novel Coronavirus (aka COVID-19) as "Designated Infectious Disease" under the Infectious Diseases Act of Japan, foreign nationals who are deemed as patients of Novel Coronavirus shall be denied permission to land in Japan pursuant to Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act of Japan. As the Government of Japan also designated Novel Coronavirus as“Quarantinable Infectious Diseases” under Quarantine Act of Japan, foreign nationals who are suspected of being afflicted with Novel Coronavirus would be ordered to be quarantined with no exception for valid visa holders.
2  The Government of Japan also decided on 19 Mar, 2020 that for the time being, those who fall under the three categories below are not permitted to land in Japan unless there are exceptional circumstances.
(1)  Foreign nationals who have travelled to the area within 14 days that listed below:

People’s Republic of China Hubei Province/ Zhejiang Province
Republic of Korea Daegu/ Gyeongsangbuk-do (Gyeongsan-si/Andong-si/ Yeongcheon-si/Chilgok-gun/ Uiseong-gun/ Seongju-gun/Cheongdo-gun/Gunwi-gun)
Republic of Iceland All Round
Islamic Republic of Iran Qom Province/ Tehran Province/ Gilan Province/Mazandaran Province/Isfahan Province/Alborz Province/Markazi Province/Qazvin Province/Semnan Province/Golestan Province/Lorestan Province
Italian Republic Lombardia/Veneto/Emilia=Romagna/Marche/Piemonte
Liguria/Trentino=Alto Adige/Friuli Venezia Giulia/Aosta Valley 
Republic of San Marino All Round
Swiss Confederation Canton of Ticino/Canton of Basel-Stadt
Kingdom of Spain Autonomous Community of Navarre/Madrid Region/Basque Country/ La Rioja

(2) Foreign nationals who hold a passport issued by the Hubei/Zhejiang Province Authority.
(3) Foreign Nationals aboard a passenger ship which sails for the purpose of entering Japanese port and carries a risk of being afflicted by an outbreak of Novel Coronavirus infectious disease.
3  Based on the “Principle Criteria of Visa Issuance”, visa applications of those who fall under the categories being not permitted to land in Japan are not accepted. Visa applicants are required to fill in and submit questionnaires (attached) on whether or not they have (or will have) travelled to the area within 14 days before arriving in Japan that mentioned in 2(1) above.
4  Please note that even those foreign nationals who were already issued valid visa of Japan would not be permitted to land in Japan if they fall under the categories mentioned in 1 and 2 above.
5  Any false declaration in the questionnaires will be subject to refusal of visa issuance, and then new visa application will not be accepted for six months for the same purpose of visit. The visa will be made null and void when such false declaration is revealed after the visa issued.
6  Any false declaration upon landing in Japan may be subject to punitive measures including imprisonment, imposition of fine, revoking of residential status as well as deportation from Japan.